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Nigerian Journal of Technology, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1975 Madu 28 SAND-LATERITE MIXTURES FOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION (A Laboratory Investigation) R. M. Madu* Civil Engineering Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, ABSTRACT

Laterite as Construction Material

 · Laterite has been widely used as construction material in southeast Asia throughout history. Examples of monumental buildings are the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia (twelfth century) where it was used as a core for walls, covered by limestone, the temples of Ayutthaia in Thailand (fourteenth to sixteenth century) and large colonial constructions in Malakka, Malaysia.

Characterisation of laterite for road construction

Lateritic soils exist in many places in tropical regions of Africa and America. They are frequently used for road construction. It is important to use them in an optimised way and attempts are made to improve their description and characterisation for road ...

Assessment Of Laterite Suitable For Road Construction In Bafang …

Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST) ISSN: 2458-9403 Vol. 4 Issue 3, March - 2017 JMESTN42352088 6815 Assessment Of Laterite Suitable For Road Construction In Bafang Area (West-Cameroon) Based On

Paperjoint laterite wall

 · Paperjoint laterite wall-An innovative construction technique from Valluvanadu Constructions


Laterite tile is a venture into the manufacturing of eco-friendly natural Laterite stone which is commonly available in the geographical area of Kerala. is site with ample potential and great forecasting for the extraction of rusty-red Laterite bricks has been identified and entered upon the land at Cherpulassery, Palakkad district in Kerala with site area of about 31 acres.



 · Laterite is abundantly available at little to no cost across the Sahel region, and yet it is not widely used in Niger as a building material. Our contractor Soter is highly skilled in laterite construction and believes it is a hugely under-utilised resource, calling it ''Africa''s ...


construction materials on the earth. Based on the facts above, it has become of great significance and imperative to study the sustainability and adequacy of laterite as a sub-base and base material for highway construction. In this study, several

6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Laterite Bricks for Construction

 · Laterite bricks can''t be reinforced by steel while concrete bricks can be. All these make concrete constructions much more earthquake-proof than laterite constructions. 4. Difficult to withstand heavy rainfall due to high moisture retention. The laterite stones have

Jinchuan to Complete Laterite Project Construction in Indonesia …

 · SHANGHAI, Apr. 21 (SMM) – Jinchuan''s laterite project in Indonesia is expected to complete construction by the end of 2018, according to SMM on-site survey. The project, jointly invested by Jinchuan Group and Indonesian company WP & RKA, broke ground on Nov. 25, 2016 in the Southeast Asian nation''s northern province of Maluku, marking Jinchuan''s entry into the nickel laterite industry.


Translations in context of "laterite" in Italian-English from Reverso Context: Orientato verso est, il tempio è racchiuso da un muro fatto di blocchi di laterite. Download our free app


CONSTRUCTION SAND & LATERITE C OMPANY LIMITED was incorporated on 28 July 1938 (Thursday) as a Public Company Limited by Shares in Singapore. The Company current operating status is struck off with registered address The Company principal

Latérite. Caractéristiques, utilisations, importance dans l''industrie …

Latérite est une formation de surface présente dans les zones tropicales dans le climat chaud et humide, riche en fer et en aluminium, qui se développe avec l''altération intense de la roche mère et de longue durée bibliographie (FR) Aleva, G.J.J. (Sous la direction de) (1994). ...

Pit latrine

A pit latrine, also known as pit toilet, is a type of toilet that collects human feces in a hole in the ground.[2] Urine and feces enter the pit through a drop hole in the floor, which might be connected to a toilet seat or squatting pan for user comfort.[2] Pit latrines can be built to function without water (dry toilet) or they can have a ...

Convert Cubic Meter of Laterite to Tonnes.

 · Convert Cubic Meter of Laterite to Tonnes. - 1 You can measure the density of soil with the help of different test as mentioned in IS code. After getting density you can use the formula:

Red bricks vs Laterite stone full information

 · see the video about it


INFORMATION ON IMPROVED LATRINE OPTIONS 3 Part 1 INTRODUCTION We all know that having and using a latrine is not only convenient but also can protect and improve the health of our families and communities. However, all data available from rural


LATERITE SOILS IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION The paper reviews the literature on ''laterite'', especially its use as a road-building material in tropical countries. There is a wide diversity of opinion concerning nomenclature, testing procedures and acceptance criteria, as …

laterite stone construction cost

The Hindu : Property Plus Kochi : The laterite alternativeUsing laterite stone is one way of cutting down construction costs.But it is an option that could present users with some difficulties cost of red laterite stone for construction – Gold Ore Crusher Laterite – Wikipedia. – Wikipedia.

Natural Laterite Homes

Natural Laterite Homes. 162 likes. Using the best quality Kannur laterite We build Natural Laterite Homes as per the Dreams & Desires of our Clients with... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by

Laterite Uses | Medical | Architecture

Laterite uses in Construction and Medical Industry Lets discuss about Laterite uses in construction and medical industry. Rocks are used for various purposes starting from construction of roads, bridges, buildings to pot in kitchen, as a gem stone or just for decorating your garden.

IS 3620 (1979): laterite stone block for masonry

 · IS : 3620 - 1979 1. SCOPE 1.1 This standard lays down the requirements for dimensions, physical properties, and workmanship of rectangular blocks made from laterite stone, used in the construction of walls and partitions. 2. GENERAL

A study on laterite stones as building material

laterite suitable for building construction within quarry arievd from 2 to 9 m. The typical Malar quarry selected for the study had a total depth of 7.5 m. The three specimens1,2, and 3 were taken from 3 di erent levels, from a depth of 2, 6 and 7.5. otalT depth of ...

Laterite as Construction Material

Download Citation | Laterite as Construction Material | The term ''laterite'' was introduced by Buchanan to name a more-or-less clayey material quarried in southern India that hardens rapidly when ...

Pit Latrine Slab and Platform Design

Platform construction and design involves selecting the type of slab you want. This may be a squatting or a sitting slab. It will also involve deciding what, if any, improvements the pit latrine will have, calculating the dimensions of the slab, and determining the materials, labor, and tools needed to build it.

Residential Construction

Nobody wants a nasty portable toilet on the lawn of their high-end home in Medina, Magnolia, or Madison Park during a residential construction project. We get that. Our portable toilets are different. Just look at all the pictures on our website. Green Latrines blend very …

Latérite — Wikipédia

La latérite (du latin later, brique) est une roche rouge ou brune, qui se forme par altération des roches sous les climats tropicaux.Le sens large désigne l''ensemble des matériaux, meubles ou indurés, riches en hydroxydes de fer ou en hydroxyde d''aluminium, constituant des sols, des horizons superficiels, des horizons profonds de profil d''altération.


The knowledge of the use of laterite for road construction is increasingly going far and wide over the years. For the purpose of this research, the study shall be limited to Ilorin East Local Government Area of Kwara State in which the following laboratory test will be carried out on each samples of soil, the laboratory test are particle size distribution test.


LATRINE CONSTRUCTION Summary 1 Urine Diversion Dry Bathroom 2 Pour flush latrine 3 Pour flush micro septic tank 4 Initial investment, location, human resources 5 Concrete rings 6 Box 7 8 Slab mold 11 Ring mold 14 Structure and ...

The geo-engineering significance of laterite construction in Goa, SW India | Quarterly Journal of Engineering …

 · Laterite is a tropical residual soil formed by surficial physiochemical processes. In Goa, deep weathering of Precambrian crystalline basement yields ferruginous laterite which is exploited for production of construction stone. Ashlars are produced from laterite quarries by unique extraction methods using mobile circular saw machines. Laterite ashlaring is utilized in the building of houses ...

Performance analysis of cement-stabilised laterite for road construction …

Unstabilised laterite has been reported to be an unsuitable base course material under tropical environmental conditions. This research considered the suitability of three cement types for laterite stabilisation to achieve optimal performance as a base course material.

Laterite as construction material | Research Portal

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Laterite as Construction Material

Laterite Stone Wall Cladding Tiles, Bricks and Blocks Producer India

Review of Specifications for the Use of Laterite in Road Pavements (Contract: AFCAP/GEN…

Specifications for the Use of Laterite in Road Construction in the SADC Region. The project was carried out under the aegis of the Africa Community Access Programme (AFCAP) – a DFID-funded research programme that promotes safe and sustainable access ...


Meet the team Laterite brings together over 60 full-time researchers, data specialists, support teams and a roster of over 1,000 trained enumerators across the countries where we work. Abel is a Senior Field Supervisor at Laterite. He has more than ten years of ...

Laterite Stone Wall Cladding Tiles, Bricks and Blocks Producer India

Laterite Stone Products India produces Laterite Stone Cladding Tiles, Laterite Stone Bricks & Blocks and Latertie Stone Pavement blocks. We have all types of laterite stones with different sizes n designs. We supply Laterite Stone in Karnataka, kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andrapradesh and all states of India . We have also exported the products to ...

Latrine Design and Construction

©2011 Lifewater International Latrine Design and Construction 2 Discretion should be used when planning for construction. Too many projects can derail the lessons and focus of the training. The objective of construction is to train the partner in options that are


Laterites are formed from the leaching of parent sedimentary rocks ( sandstones, clays, limestones ); metamorphic rocks ( schists, gneisses, migmatites ); igneous rocks ( granites, basalts, gabbros, peridotites ); and mineralized proto-ores; which leaves the …